Working professionals, graduates who passed out in 2023 or before, with an intent to apply for software developer jobs at the end of the program can apply.
No prior programming background is required.
Classes and practice sessions with mentors are scheduled in the evenings on weekdays so that working professionals can attend. Typical timings are from 6:30-11 pm on weekdays and 9-6 pm on weekends. But we have continuous daily mentor support during the day time so that everyone can practice and code throughout the day.
Typical program timings are from 6:30 -11 pm on weekdays and 9-6 pm on weekends so that everyone can attend the program. But we have continuous daily mentor support during the day time so that everyone can code throughout the day.
Our instructors are highly experienced industry experts, IIT alumni working at some of the best tech companies in the world.
You will be solving challenging coding problems daily. Each practice session will have 1:1 mentors who will be instantly available if you are stuck or if you face any issues while solving coding problems
Career coaches are experienced tech industry professionals, working at top tier product based companies, who will take mock interviews to make you ready for interviews. They are your personalized guides, who will mentor you throughout the program and help you with any other queries regarding your career or the industry
This is a 6 month program in which you’ll be spending 6 days every week on learning core programming skills
Batch starts every month. The exact date will be communicated to you once you finish the application process.
The program requires a lot of commitment. You’re expected to not miss sessions unless it’s unavoidable. You’ll have all the videos and material always available online. If you miss anything, our team will guide you and you’ll need to put in some effort to catch up.
This program requires full dedication and a lot of motivation to learn programming. We expect you to spend at least 40-50 hours per week.
Yes. We strongly believe in 360° career support. We will help you build a strong resume, gain soft skills, along with a rigorous technical interview preparation. We will provide referrals from top tier companies such as Microsoft, Amazon, Flipkart etc. along with interviews with our strong network of hiring partners. Our team will always be there to support and mentor students until everyone gets placed.
With a strong network of hiring partners and company referrals, our salary band can vary between 5 LPA - 24 LPA.
Minimum guaranteed salary will be decided based on your performance in the entrance test and interview process. Since our batches have people from diferent backgrounds with different profiles, we can't fix a CTC that fits everyone. If you are a working professional, your minimum salary will always be well above your current salary.
Don’t worry. In case you don’t get a job even after connecting with our large network of hiring partners, you’ll go through extensive additional training. Our team will be there all the way, guiding you, providing continuous preparation, support and mentoring until you get placed.
English. We expect all students to have basic English proficiency.
A well functioning laptop with a good internet connection is mandatory as the program is taught completely online.
After you fill out the application form on the website, you will get an aptitude entrance test from us. If you clear this test, you’ll be enrolled in the pre boot camp program, which acts as a demo for the main program. After completing this, you’ll be contacted by the admissions team to join the main 6 month program.
The program acts as an introduction to the main program. It’s a 2 days program where you’ll be introduced to the basics of programming and how the 6 month main program works. We only assess the dedication and motivation of the students to select them for the main program. This is like a demo for students, where you will have the option to drop out of the program.
We’ll evaluate your entrance test performance. Once you’re enrolled in the pre bootcamp, we only look for dedication and motivation of the candidates to select them for the main 6 month program.
The entrance test is a basic aptitude and logical reasoning test. It doesn't have any coding related questions. So you need not worry about the preparation. You can simply brush up your aptitude and logical reasoning skills.
An Income sharing agreement enables you to pay the tuition fees only after you get a job. You’ll pay the tuition fees in 24 monthly installments until the total fees cap is reached.
You’ll get into an ISA with us after the pre bootcamp program, before you start the main program
Your monthly payments will be paused if you lose your job. You will start paying again only after getting another job. Our team will help you get more job interviews.
The ISA will expire once all the payments are made. If you don’t get a job within 1 year after you complete the program, ISA expires and you don’t pay us any fees
Yes. If you don’t want to get into an ISA with us, you have the option of paying ₹ 2,50,000 + GST during the registration process for the main program.
Your payments will start 1 month after you join your job.